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Funny Headstone Sayings for any occasion
These sayings are not all exact quotes nor can we verify who actually coined each of them. Use these sayings for entertainment purposes only. Copyrighted sayings will be removed upon written request from the rightful owner.

-I told you I was sick!

-Voltaire (1694-1778)
"This is no time to make new enemies."
(Asked on his deathbed to forswear Satan)

-Sit in Chair
Pull and Shout
Spit in Bowl
Tooth is out!
Unknown Dentist

-I was born
Then I wed
Nagging wife
Now I'm dead!

-Presley, Elvis (1935-1977)
"I hope I haven't bored you."
(Conclusion of his last press conference.)

-Roosevelt, Franklin Delano (1882-1945)
"I have a terrific headache."

-Thomas, Dylan (1914-1953)
"I have just had eighteen whiskeys in a row. I do believe that is a record."

-Here lies Lester Moore.
Four slugs
From a forty-four.
No Less No More.

-He was young
He was fair
But the Injuns
Raised his hair

-Here lays Butch.
We planted him raw.
He was quick on the trigger
But slow on the draw.

-Here lies the body
Of Margaret Bent
She kicked up her heels
And away she went.

-Rebecca Freeland 1741
She drank good ale,
good punch and wine
And lived to the age of 99.

-On a Coal-miner
Gone Underground For Good

-Here lies the body
of John Round.
Lost at sea
and never found.
Belturbet, Ireland

-Ann Mann
Here lies Ann Mann,
Who lived an old maid
But died an old Mann.
December 8, 1767
London, England

-She lived with her husband for 50 years
And died in the confident hope of a better life.
Burlington, Vermont

-They abounded in riches
But she wore the britches ...
Essex, England

-I put my wife beneath this stone
For her repose and for my own.
Middlebury, Vermont

-Here lies Pa.
Pa liked wimin.
Ma caught Pa
in with two swimmin.
Here lies Pa.

-Here lies the body
of Jonathan Blake.
Stepped on the gas
Instead of the brake.
Uniontown, PA.

-Here lies
Johnny Yeast
Pardon me
For not rising

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